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We are able to travel around the world to give this exclusive workshop
All we need is some enthousiastic and passionate dog people to work together on a bright future.
Soon we will also organise our first breed and health seminars
Dog showing is a sport, and like any sport, there are skills to acquire. These include:

Develop a game plan

Handling class is the perfect place to develop a game plan for each dog you’re showing. Every dog is different, and handling tactics will vary to enhance each dog’s strength, whether it’s structure, movement or another aspect.
For example, one dog may need to go away (trot away in a straight line) from the judge slowly to enhance its rear movement; another may need to move faster. A dog with a beautiful head and expression that plants its front feet down straight should be brought back to the judge head-on; a dog with a side outline that’s better than its headpiece or front should be turned sideways to the judge.

Timing is everything

Like so many things in life, timing is everything in the show ring. Many handling classes go much slower than an actual show because the teacher often stops to explain things or to have someone repeat an exercise.
When in an actual show ring, you will find that it all goes very quickly. Sometimes it’s over before you even know what happened. Try to choose a class that gives students the experience of a true ring situation, either through the class itself or by holding informal handling competitions or matches.

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Pronunciation: /stɑː/
1. A fixed luminous point in the night sky which is a large, remote incandescent body like the sun.
2. An outstandingly successful dog.


Pronunciation: /ˈmeɪkə/
1. A person or thing that makes or produces something.